participatory budgeting

Youth Block Captains are running a Participatory Budgeting Process to engage residents in deciding how funding should be spent in their neighborhoods. Steering Committee members are featured below. We asked them: "Why is it important to you and other youth to be leaders in the local community?"


Mayerli Lopez, Sophomore

Being a leader teaches us how to be responsible and mature to those younger then us.


Erica Zamudio, Senior

It's important to be a leader to promote change while being open minded.


Briana Dinas, Sophomore

Leadership is important because despite being young, it doesn't stop us from making a change.


Claudia Hurtado, Junior

Leadership means being a role model to others who may or may not be involved in the community.


Melvin Casillas, Sophomore

It's important for myself and others to help educate those who haven't gotten opportunity to help others.


Ondrelee Doyle, Sophomore

It is important to be an inspiration to others.


Adama Diallo, Freshmen

It is important to have a leader who represents the community.

Adinan Banse, Junior

It creates engagement and culture that we can surround ourselves with.

Sincere Guyton, Sophomore

Being a leader is important because if we don't lead, who will?



Youth Block Captains are working on a community collaborative newspaper to address the community’s stories and points of view, as well as ways in which the community can plug in and participate in resistance and community-building efforts. This community collaborative newspaper is critical to reclaiming our narratives and developing an infrastructure for real-talk and real action. This newspaper is a space where the often silenced or forgotten will be able to share our own ideas, perspectives and dreams for a better city.