GO? Or No GO?: A 2017 Denver Election Guide by Candi CdeBaca

Last time I maxed out my credit card I was 15 years old and only had a  $150 limit. It was easy at the time to use up such a small amount but it was a lesson that taught me I needed to plan better as I matured and as my expenses increased. That lesson panned out well as proven by the gradual limit increases. I learned the basics of credit utilization before many adults and keeping my credit utilization conservative has served me well. You can imagine my horror when reading a recent news headline, “Denver is “maxing out” its credit card with 2017 GO Bond, and housing didn’t make the cut.” I personally had been keeping a close eye on the GO Bond process but I hadn’t realized we reached our max and I hadn’t examined the final list of projects carefully. This headline and many requests from family, friends and new youth voters on how I would be voting is why I will share with you my personal thoughts on our City’s strong request for voters to support 2A-2G.