VOYCE Alliance are fee-for-service workshops, trainings, speakers and strategists delivered through youth-adult partnerships.  

The VOYCE Alliance is our youth employment program through fee-for-service trainings, speakers and strategic planning. Fee-for-service contracts are economic opportunities for certified youth trainers from the VOYCE Academy to practice using knowledge and skills developed. PV youth trainers earn above minimum wage for delivering trainings, workshops, and presentations. Leadership roles yield increased long-term earning potential and social and economic mobility.  



Training Packages

Principal's Package

This package provides administrators, organizational leaders, staff, faculty and youth leaders with tools and skills to embed equity, transformational leadership, and youth-adult partnerships into everyday operations and approaches.

11 hour Sessions:

  • Six 1-hour strategic planning sessions for student leadership groups

  • Four 1-hour professional development sessions with teachers, co-led by youth

  • One 20-min youth keynote speaker


  • Change school culture

  • Improve youth engagement

  • Improve educational outcomes

  • creates lasting systemic change

Teacher's Package

This package provides a project-based approach to provide youth and adults the tools and skills to engage youth as experts in their community through action research.

7 Sessions:

  • Seven 1-hour action research sessions

  • Youth-led guidance on implementation of a community action research project


  • Gives adult recipients valuable insights to refine practices and increase youth engagement

Student's Package

This package allows you to mix and match various Electives to comprise a package most relevant to your constituents.

3 Sessions: Three 1-hour electives of choice

(*See below for Elective Options) 

Highlights: Gives the option to tailor package to your unique needs