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Colorado Gives Day

After a year of political unrest and upsurge in critical issues facing our communities, we are asking you to join in continuing our movement for a more just and equitable society. For the past 11 years, Project VOYCE has been exposing young people to the range of ways to participate in our democracy, and right now it’s more urgent than ever that the emerging majority has the tools, skills, and language to be able to advocate for their communities.

This giving season, we’re asking you to go beyond your basic civic duty of simply voting, and invest in local youth activism- are you up for the challenge? Our future depends on our ability to build socially conscious, compassionate, informed transformational leaders.

We need YOU to help us deepen and expand our impact!

$50 donation provides support for one month of programming for one Block Captain - a year-round youth organizing program where youth organize and advocate on issues affecting their community, and activate new members through peer-to-peer outreach to create social change.

$100 donation will cover the cost of a monthly stipend for a student who takes a leadership role during the school year to organize their peers around issues affecting their community.

$300 donation covers the costs of a stipend for a young person to participate in our five-week summer leadership program and civics boot camp for youth leaders. Program participants become certified PV trainers that which allows us to provide those youth substantial employment opportunities.