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Student Voice, Student Vote Day at the Capitol

  • Colorado State Capitol (map)

"All over the nation youth are rising up and taking matters into our own hands. Adults have NOT proven to us that our futures matter more than their party affiliations and campaign contributors. This is not the world we want to inherit. We want the opportunity to shape our experience into one that prepares us to be better than generations before us.

Here in Colorado, for over 3 years a shifting coalition of youth and youth serving orgs has tried to enfranchise youth by lowering the voting age for school board elections to 16. This would enable those of us standing here today to actually have a vote over the representatives who will decide if our school teachers and administrators will be armed. A vote for the representatives who decide what we learn and don't learn. A vote for the representatives who will close or defend our schools and communities. This effort to give our youth power has been blocked for over 3 years by people and organizations that pretend to want what is best for youth and democracy. On Thursday, March 29th we will have a youth lobbying day at the capitol and we will be:

1. Pressuring the minority leader Crisanta Duran to be consistent and introduce the late bill. She says she supports youth voice but refuses to approve the late bill. It's NEVER too late to empower the silenced.

2. Speaking to our respective legislators asking them if they would support the bill or not and publically tagging them to show the world and their eligible voters what and who they really stand for.

3. We will also be calling out any organizations who SAY they support youth voice but turn their backs on us and lobby against measures that would expand the right to vote to the most vulnerable.

Our generation cannot and will not wait for permission to be better. We will not accept the indoctrination and the influence of money over what is right and necessary. We will not be silenced anymore. See you on Thursday morning in the House Lobby from 8:30-11am to raise our voices together."

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