Join the Team

We appreciate your interest in seeking job possibilities and internships at Project VOYCE. All positions are currently filled. Please visit our check our site again for future job postings, volunteer opportunities and more! 


We can't do our work without you! Our organization encourages the participation of volunteers who support our mission:

Project VOYCE develops future leaders in underrepresented communities by training and employing youth to work on real-life school and community challenges today. 

Join our Board

There are two ways to become a Board Member for Project VOYCE. The first is by appointment when an opening occurs on the Board. This is left to the discretion of the Board. The second is by democratic election at the PV Annual Board Membership Meeting in January of each year. For any Board member, whether selected by appointment or election, you must be a donating member of PV at the time of your service on the Board commences.

At each Annual Board Membership Meeting, board seats are up for election by members of the Board. To be considered for these seats, candidates can be nominated by the PV Board of Directors. Facilitated by the PV Nominating Committee, candidates will be considered for their background experience and vision of priorities for PV. The Nominating Committee will forward on to the Board of Directors the names of those individuals it feels will best serve the interests of PV. There are advantages to this approach. By going through this process, your candidate information (Candidate Profile) will be included in the December Board Meeting prior to the Annual Board Membership Meeting.

To create a well-rounded Board, we strive to have many areas of expertise represented, from management and finance to legal services and marketing. Below is a questionnaire regarding your experience in a number of areas of vital importance to a well-rounded board. Your answers on this questionnaire will help us to identify how your expertise fits with other members of the board. 

If you choose to go through the process of becoming a candidate, please complete the appropriate application form below.