VOYCE Coalition

The VOYCE Coalition is a group that defends and extends youth rights while supporting and strengthening youth, and their communities. 



"Our Community is Not For Sale" & "Ditch the Ditch"


Denver Channel 7 News

"Denver - The city's first dedicated fund for affordable housing will get $150 million over the next 10 years after the city council voted to approve monty for the fund Monday."


New York Times Live Feed

"We are in Denver talking with Esme Aquilar, whose home is slated for demolition to make for the expansion of a highway. Denver was the fastest growing major city in America last year, but like many urban areas, it has struggled to fold its poorest neighborhoods into its success. NYT reporter Julie Turkewitz will ask Esme your questions about what it is like to be losing her home."


The Guardian

"For the first time in its history, Denver is so desirable that its vast neighborhoods of bungalows are proving finite. The cost of this growth is the displacement of the city's remaining working class."



"Nothing has happened the way it was supposed to happen for the family of Esmeralda Aquilar."