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With deepening societal inequities, we must invest in building young leaders with vision and a steadfast commitment to justice. At Project VOYCE, we focus resources and energy on reimagining democracy. Your support will go directly to sparking a new generation of social justice leaders and change agents! 

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Want to make a difference?

Here are at Project VOYCE we are anchored in community. We believe that transformational leadership is generated through community mobilization, our goal is to address multi-generational issues. If you harness skills, talents, or attributes that can prosper our students further we would love to have you!

Become a board member

Project VOYCE depends on strong equitable youth-adult partnerships. It is an essential part of our model for youth development on which we want to further strengthen and continue.

To create a well-rounded Board, we strive to have many areas of expertise represented, from management and finance to legal services and marketing.


Project VOYCE is seeking ambitious folks who want to build their facilitation skills, increase their research capacity, harness skills alongside an expert in the field, and to continue the development of student leaders and strong student voices.

If you are interested in working with us, please email