VOYCE Coalition: Youth Organizing

The VOYCE Coalition is a group that defends and extends youth rights while supporting and strengthening youth, and their communities. Youth from VOYCE Academy put their advocacy and organizing skills into action through participation in the Coalition through the creation of campaigns and initiation of projects.VOYCE Coalition members participate in General Body meetings, trainings, crafting legislative priorities, initiating action alerts for community.

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student voice, student vote

Student Voice, Student Vote (SV2) is a campaign dedicated to extending voting rights to 16 and 17 year olds for school board elections in the State of Colorado.


participatory budgeting

Project VOYCE and Warm Cookies of the Revolution are implementing an Participatory Budgeting Process, while integrating arts in the form of interactive Rube Goldberg-esque machines. These machines will be physical manifestations of the complicated interactions of the policies and players at work in the community, as well as a fun and attention-grabbing invitation for residents to participate in deciding how funding should be spent in their neighborhoods.

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Block Captains

Block Captains work collectively to organize and mobilize campaigns and projects across-communities around immigration, education, housing, health, work, and the environment.


our community is not for sale

Our Community Is Not For Sale is an ongoing campaign dedicated to ensuring community revitalization without displacement of current residents in Globeville, Elyria-Swansea (GES). Download "GES Peoples' Survey: A Story of Displacement."


VOYCE Coalition: Community Partners

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the Promise of colorado

The Promise of Colorado campaign provides Coloradans with the tools to advocate for Colorado’s public schools. Colorado has one of the fastest growing economies in the country, yet we are not adequately or equitably funding education.


GES Coalition

The GES Coalition is a group of resident leaders, community organizers, community organizations, allies and advocates working to align community health and the well-being of their neighbors by organizing around preventing the displacement of thei neighbors, preserving affordability in housing, protecting historically marginalized neighborhoods, activating resident-driven leadership, and promoting a culture that welcomes neighbors who value their longstanding culture, interconnectedness, and commitment to equity. 

Their organizing is community-driven and based on a shared commitment to economic, racial, and environmental justice. Their vision is collectively organized neighbor-to-neighbor.


Cu Boulder - School of education

The mission in the School of Education is grounded in a lived commitment to democracy, diversity, equity, and justice. The School of Education teaches and engages in research with colleagues in schools and communities to make a transformative difference. The work of their faculty, researchers, staff, and students contributes to evidence-based policy and practice. The School of Education aims for their graduates to be engaged and informed educators, researchers, policymakers, and community leaders.


Denver After School Alliance

The Denver Afterschool Alliance helps youth succeed by increasing access to high quality afterschool and summer programs that bolster learning and creative processes. Their work leads to substantial academic and personal growth for students, supports working families, and provides professional development for adults in the field.


CU Denver Anthropology

The anthropology program is designed around the production of theoretically aware practitioners who are competent to carry out skilled work, and are trained in the theory and concepts that allow them to improve upon the status quo. The University of Colorado Denver department's greatest strengths are our transdisciplinary ties with other university departments, schools and centers, which provide wide-ranging opportunities for research and placement of graduates.