The retreat was my best memory because we built a strong bond with each other. It made me a better leader by improving my skills and knowledge.” — Mark C

“Project VOYCE has enlightened me to a wide spectrum of issues and ways to reform those issues. ”— Davonte

I have learned so many different things about different systems of oppressions and what they stem from, how to do proper research; I learned how to put the research into words and actions, how to communicate with people I agree and disagree with.” — CJ

Coming into PV, I was aware but I did not have the platform and vocabulary to address the issues. I think now I feel obligated and willing to educate others with my knowledge." — Annette

I feel like coming into (the program) I didn’t understand my own assumptions and my own ignorance. Although I don’t speak as much, I could write about them, I feel like now I have a better understanding of me and my perception of the world.” — Cassie

“Project VOYCE helped me understand there are all different kinds of leaders and how to use them all to accomplish a goal.”— Audra

I feel inspired because I feel like a lot of the times in school, you say you are going to make a change but a lot of the times you feel like you aren’t doing anything, but here you have the connections and the tools for every change you wanna make and everyone is supporting you and you feel uplifted in that sense.”  — Becca

I feel like in school my voice isn’t valued. I feel like I don’t matter so I don’t talk. My participation is low because I feel like they don’t’ want to know my opinion. But I feel like at PV everyone wants to know what I’m thinking.” — Nina


"Powerful insight into student voice. We need to hear more student voices about what is working, what made the difference, and what we can be doing differently." Participant at Universal Principal Meeting
"Often times I point to Project VOYCE as an example. I have partnered with Project VOYCE leaders when in need of facilitators for a convening of youth, as well as sought out their input when seeking youth perspective.  I highly recommend Project VOYCE as a partner to any school, organization, or group looking to engage youth in an authentic and real way. " — Joey Pace, Youth Success Director, Office of Children's Affairs
"I feel extremely privileged to have Project VOYCE working within my school. I will continue to use strategies developed by the Project VOYCE students. The process of working with my students this year has been the most rewarding experience of my teaching practice thus far, and I feel fortunate to have found them so early in my career. ” — Denver Public School teacher, Bruce Randolph School


Youth and societal institutions are strengthened when young people, particularly those most disadvantaged by education inequity, turn their critical gaze to education systems and participate in efforts to improve them. People who experience the sharp edges of systemic failures ought to be leaders in collective efforts to understand and dismantle them.”

Excerpts from Youth Activism in an Era of Education Inequality

Book by Project VOYCE Board Member Ben Kirshner