Project VOYCE's Programs

In order to fulfill the strategy outlined in the mission statement of training, employing, and organizing youth Project VOYCE offers three distinct programs: My VOYCE, Your VOYCE, and Our VOYCE.

All three programs benefit from intentional partnerships with community partners such as other community-based organizations, national youth-serving organizations, high schools, and universities. There are no fees for participation and transportation assistance provided if possible. Programs are offered during the summer months and as after-school program during the academic year

My Voyce

The My VOYCE Program is built around Project VOYCE’s flagship leadership and action civics curriculum designed to engage youth in culturally relevant and rigorous lessons about social change and inequality. The My VOYCE program takes youth through a full action civics cycle, which enables youth to work with peers to address public issues that are relevant to their lives; allowing students to gain practice navigating complex systems and developing evidence based arguments to influence policy.

The program focuses on curriculum themes: Civic Leadership, Participatory Action Research, Community Organizing/Advocacy, Youth-Adult Partnerships. The expectation upon successfully completing the My VOYCE program is that participants are able to utilize the skills and networks gained to continue with advance Project VOYCE programming, join a Project VOYCE youth-led campaign, or join a partner organization to provide youth perspective

Your Voyce

The Your VOYCE program builds on the public speaking lessons covered in My VOYCE with an emphasis on workshops design, navigating youth-adult dynamics, and developing a personal presenter persona. This program prepares youth to deliver fee-for-service workshops and trainings and serve as panelist and consultants offering youth expertise on a variety of community and social topics.

Your VOYCE offers employment opportunities for youth participants and allows them to continue developing their civic leadership skills by co-creating and co-facilitating the fee-for-service presentation engagements

our Voyce

The Our VOYCE program is designed to prepare students to take the lead as community organizers who are equipped to advocate for equity-focused solutions to social problems. It is comprised of students from several partner schools across the Denver Metro area. Their primary method of organizing is through that work collectively to organize and mobilize campaigns and projects across-communities around education, housing, health, work, and the environment.

The program is designed to inform, motivate and mobilize residents in a community context and amplify community and youth voice through youth leadership and youth-adult partnerships for power