The VOYCE Certified Youth deliver trainings, workshops, and presentations to VOYCE Alliance members in their own communities. 

Who: Ages 14-25?

What: Leadership and advocacy program focused specifically on the areas of: Civic Leadership, Youth Participatory Action Research, Community Organizing, Youth-Adult Partnerships, and Participatory Budgeting  

When: Late June-Early August, 5 weeks etc.

How: Popular political education- style trainings and content delivery focused most heavily on dialogue, and recognizing that participants and facilitators are engaged together in a learning process. Youth participants are recognized as experts of their lived experiences and as central to addressing the needs of their communities.

Skills: facilitation, public speaking, social-emotional intelligence, and identity development, time management, self-efficacy, critical thinking, conflict resolution, collaboration, relationship-building, goal-setting, self-reflection, receiving feedback, problem solving






Training Packages

Principal's Package

This package provides administrators, organizational leaders, staff, faculty and youth leaders with tools and skills to embed equity, transformational leadership, and youth-adult partnerships into everyday operations and approaches.

11 hour Sessions:

  • Six 1-hour strategic planning sessions for student leadership groups

  • Four 1-hour professional development sessions with teachers, co-led by youth

  • One 20-min youth keynote speaker


  • Change school culture

  • Improve youth engagement

  • Improve educational outcomes

  • creates lasting systemic change

Teacher's Package

This package provides a project-based approach to provide youth and adults the tools and skills to engage youth as experts in their community through action research.

7 Sessions:

  • Seven 1-hour action research sessions

  • Youth-led guidance on implementation of a community action research project


  • Gives adult recipients valuable insights to refine practices and increase youth engagement

Student's Package

This package allows you to mix and match various Electives to comprise a package most relevant to your constituents.

3 Sessions: Three 1-hour electives of choice

(*See below for Elective Options) 

Highlights: Gives the option to tailor package to your unique needs