We envision a world with diverse leadership for a more just and equitable society.

Our Mission

 Project VOYCE develops future leaders in underrepresented communities by training and employing youth to work on real-life school and community challenges today.

Our programming

aims to dismantle barriers to fair representation by giving youth

a voice, tools, language

and access to power that current education system is failing to provide.

Lack of representation are:

ageism, racism, and poverty--

which result in the educational injustice.

The issues are cyclical and we believe that while educational inequity is a symptom, it is also the point at which the root causes are deepened and perpetuated.


is our earliest (and most consistent) form of socialization and it currently perpetuates several tragic social inequities including the widening of the achievement gap locally and dropout rates nationally.

1 in 4 High School Dropouts Live in Poverty

The graduation rate of Denver Public Schools in the 2014-2015 school year was a meager 62.8%.

Graduation Rates by Race/Ethnicity

Our strategy

is to address a multi-generational issue by creating an alternate context for the next generation of youth to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to dismantle the barriers embedded in

education, employment, and housing.

Youth development, youth employment, and youth organizing

are the strategies that aid us in restoring human agency as early in the lifeline as possible.

These strategies highlight education and civic engagement as the most critical levers to disrupting the cycle of poverty and disadvantage while enhancing leadership potential for representation in decision-making roles across social structures and economic sectors.

We carry out this strategy

through our multi-pronged approach to programs that cultivate individual, community, and systemic change:

25 Applicants will be chosen to in the VOYCE Academy. The VOYCE Academy is a 5 week program which includes; a 3-day challenge retreat of self-discovery, identity exploration and peer bonding; followed by 4 leadership modules, delivered by experts, who will train and certify youth to become VOYCE Verified Trainers. 

Ongoing Youth-Led Training Program offered to VOYCE Alliance members consisting of educators and community members who want to secure youth-led trainings, workshops, and presentations delivered by Project VOYCE Verified youth trainers. 

A voluntary membership organization designed to educate and activate member youth and ultimately amplify youth voice at the local, state, and national levels in order to make a difference in the lives of youth in Colorado.   

Project VOYCE is a pioneer in incorporating youth engagement as a critical element of improvement efforts at all learning levels of our system. Through its mission to make youth voice real in school renewal to improve learning and achievement through leadership development, action research and community partnerships, Project VOYCE is serving a vital statewide need.”
— Helayne Jones, Ed. D, President & CEO - Colorado Legacy Foundation